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At Burse Surveying and Engineering, we understand that your success depends on more than shopping for the cheapest price. The price you pay for design services only begins to scratch the surface of the true cost of the overall project development. We will perform detailed planning to facilitate your project into a complete product utilizing the latest technology. However, technology alone will not solve all the problems.  Our staff of licensed civil engineers and registered land surveyors will effectively integrate the dynamic needs of our clients using our design process to turn your concept into reality. Services listed below the article.

Municipal Engineering

Working together with municipalities to design public infrastructure like streets, sidewalks, water systems, and sewers. Our goal is to provide cost effective and quality infrastructure solutions. We have completed many projects for the City of Middleton.

Topographic Survey
Topographic Survey

Topographic surveys are maps representing the existing conditions of a site. We use the latest technology to measure the existing features and produce quality maps.

ALTA Survey

ALTA surveys are boundary surveys set to minimum standards that have been jointly prepared and adopted by the American Land Title Association (ALTA) and National Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS).

Right of Way Plat
Right of Way Plat

Right of Way Plats are documents that convey property usually to expand a road's width. We have completed right of way plats for the City of Middleton and the Village of Prairie du Sac.

Parks & Recreation

We have worked with municipalities to help survey and design recreational paths in public parks and greenways. We can work from planning all the way through construction.

Residential Subdivision Plat
Residential Development

Our team provides full-service solutions for single-family and multi-family developments from single-lot redevelopments to large scale subdivisions.

Mixed Use Development, The Hub Madison
Mixed Use Development

We have worked with many developers to create retail/residential mixed use developments.

Corporate Subdivison Plat
Corporate Development

Our team has years of experience developing small and large scale business developments. From preparing a topographic survey, to platting and from design to construction.

Hillel Student Center Madison
Religious Development

We have completed numerous projects for religious non-profits. Projects have included site design on places of worship and the UW Hillel Center.

Construction Observation
Construction Observation

Many projects will require observation during construction to meet local specifications. Our staff is well experienced in construction observation and will help the construction process run smoothly.


Many projects require special permits. We at Burse Surveying and Engineering can provide you the expertise for navigating your project's permitting process in a timely and professional manner.

Corn Maze
Corn Mazes

Utilizing the latest in survey-grade equipment and software, our Corn Maze layout services will ensure that your Corn Maze is unique, functional, highly detailed, and exciting for your business and it's patrons.

You, the Customer, provide us with a map, drawing or sketch of the maze design. Then we'll prepare to transfer the design to the field for construction.  Our state-of-the-art equipment will allow us to layout your maze on the ground with a high level of accuracy - ensuring that your maze looks as good from the sky as it does in your literature.

Our pricing for this service is dependent upon the size of the project, the level of detail required, and other factors, and we will provide you with a free estimate upon request.  Please contact us and let us know how we can be of service to you.

Stormwater Management
Storm Water Management

Effective stormwater management preserves watersheds by preventing erosion, reducing pollution, preserving ecosystems, and protecting both open waters and fresh water supplies. Wisconsin’s stormwater regulatory program requires the use of Best Management Practices (BMPs) during and after construction to minimize erosion and sedimentation and to properly manage runoff for both stormwater quantity and quality. As professional engineers we are licensed to provide our clients with NPDES (National Pollutant discharge Elimination System) Stormwater Inspections and Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans.

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